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Floral Regulations


      1- Only annual plants are allowed in a space of one-foot depth in front of the monument.


      2- No Artificial flowers are permitted.


      3- Evergreens, bushes, mounds, and trees are not allowed.


      4- An eternal battery operated light or solar light is permitted. Only one light per plot. St. Anthony is 

          not responsible for any breakage.


      5- Enclosures, stones, railings, shepherd’s hooks, memorabilia, statues, and candles are strictly

         prohibited. Any of these objects can be picked up and hurled by mowing equipment, making

          them a hazard to visitors and the cemetery staff. They will be removed and disposed of

          immediately, without notice.


      6- Wreaths, blankets, palm crosses or flowers may be allowed for the duration of the holiday season,

           but will be removed thereafter. Christmas wreaths or blankets will be picked up 4 weeks after

          Christmas. Palm crosses will be removed one week after Easter.


      7- For all other holidays, fresh flowers may be placed 3 days before and will remain for one week

          after or when they become unsightly.


      8- American flags only may be placed Memorial Day through Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day    

          through September 11th, and Veterans Day. The  Flags may be placed three (3) days prior to the

          holiday and will be picked up one week after each holiday. Flags are to be placed next to



      9- All plants will be removed on November 15th.


      10- St. Anthony’s is not responsible for any items.


      11- No pets allowed on cemetery grounds.


    As a Catholic Cemetery is a sacred place, these requirements assure the sanctity and beauty of the 



     St. Anthony’s Cemetery has a flag dedicated to all veterans, which is located in the center of the cemetery.

      This flag is flown 365 days a year. There is also a monument erected to our brave men and women who

      served our country. The monument reads:


                           This flag pole carries aloft the greatest symbol of freedom ever sewn together

                           was erected by the Naurashank Post 794 of the American Legion dedicated to

                           the  brave  men  and  women  who answered their countries call in its greatest

                           hours of  need  and  who now lie here at rest here in  St. Anthony’s Cemetery.

                           May God have mercy on their souls and may the flag they so gallantly defended

                           fly ever high and free.



The Cemetery reserves to itself the right to make changes in rules and regulations as is necessary

for the proper performance of its operations and to do this without notice.





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