Saint Anthony’s Catholic Mausoleum has received a wonderful reception from our faith community.

The Mausoleum provides both crypt and niche spaces.


The crypts are for casket entombments. There are Single Crypts (for one entombment), Tandem Crypts (for two entombments  -  one in front of the other) and Companion Crypts (for two entombments  -  next to one another). There are crypt spaces available on both the exterior and interior of the building. The price range for the crypts are as follows:


                                             Single Crypts:   $7,535.00  -  $18,000.00

                                          Tandem Crypts$13,310.00  -  $31,675.00

                                    Companion Crypts$26,450.00  -  $39,125.00



The niche spaces are for cremated human remains. The niche walls contain both glass and granite

Niches. There are three sizes of niches: 12x12, 16x12 and 24x12 (sold out). The range in prices for

the niches are as follows: $1,165.00  -  $4,070.00.


Prices are location specific depending on area, level and size.


Appointment for consultation may be made by contacting the Cemetery Office at (845) 623-2138

Ext.: 34.

























































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