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Saint Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery has recently completed a columbarium area located in the Ostermann Section of the cemetery. This area is dedicated to the Blessed Mother.


The columbarium niches are for cremated human remains. There are 524 niches in the columbarium area. A niche may contain one or two inurnments. All urns must meet cemetery standards and specifications. The cemetery must approve all urn selections without exception.


The columbarium niches range in price from $1,950.00 to 2,450.00. Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.


The cemetery has placed eight planters in each entrance area of the columbarium. These receptacles are the only areas where a small fresh floral arrangement may be placed. Artificial flowers are not permitted. No items or decorations may be placed in the columbarium area and nothing may be affixed to the niches.


Appointment for consultation may be made by contacting the Cemetery Office at (845) 623-2138 Ext.: 34.

St. Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery

Introduces A Beautiful Outdoor Columbarium

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Rev. Fr. Joseph J. Deponai, Pastor
Rev.Cresus Fernando, Associate Pastor

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