Mausoleum Rules and Regulations

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  • All spaces are sold subject to rules and regulations, which are essential for the preservation of the building. Therefore, in order that you may assist us in properly maintaining the Mausoleum, and in consideration of all other crypt and/or niche certificate-holders, we ask that you observe faithfully the following rules and regulations which have been established by The Cemetery of St. Anthony for St. Anthony's Mausoleum. These regulations shall apply to all crypts and niches now in existence or which may hereafter be established or erected.


  • The cost of the crypt space includes the inscription, a cemetery provided crucifix or resurrected Christ, and perpetual care. An opening charge will be made at the time of the entombment. Inscriptions shall be limited to: the given name, middle initial, surname, year of birth and year of death. The inscription must be uniform as to size and shape.

  • All bodies must be properly embalmed. The container must be a sealed metal casket and its overall dimensions should not exceed 29" wide, by 24" high, by 86" long. At the time of entombment, all caskets being entombed will be placed in a protective enclosure provided by the cemetery.

  • The overall dimensions of the niche spaces are limited. The urn must present a respectful, dignified, contemplative and prayerful image.

    • Only bronze or ceramic containers are allowed in the glass-covered niches. No wooden, tin or cardboard urns are permitted in any of the niches.

    • There must be a cross or an approved religious symbol on the urn or on the nameplate in the glass-covered niches.

    • The inscription for the niches is: First Name MI Last Name, Year of Birth and Year of Death. For granite niches, the inscription and cross is included in the prices.

    • Please check with the Cemetery Office prior to purchasing an urn. Cemetery Management must approve all urns.

      • The urn cannot exceed 10 1/4" in height, width and depth. However, if multiple urns are placed in a larger niche, the size of the urn will be smaller.

      • Granite niches may be for one or two urns only.

    • A photograph will be allowed in the glass-covered niches. Maximum frame size is 4"x6". Cemetery Management must approve the photograph and frame.

  • No other decorative or devotional item will be allowed in the glass-covered niches. Only employees of St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery will open a niche unit.

  • Disinterment to crypts will be permitted provided the remains are placed in a new zinc liner or equivalent (Ensure-A-Seal enclosure). The Cemetery Management must approve the container and dimensions.

  • No entombment or inurnment will be permitted until full payment has been made for the crypt or niche unit and the opening charge. At the time of an entombment or inurnment, balances and opening charges must be made using a money order, bank check or funeral home check. No credit card or personal checks may be used. The Cemetery does not accept cash. MONEY ORDERS, BANK CHECKS AND FUNERAL HOME CHECKS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO: ST. ANTHONY'S CEMETERY.

  • Prior to entombment/inurnment, a religious prayer service will be conducted in the feature area.

  • Only employees of the Cemetery of St. Anthony will open crypts. Because of the limited space in the corridors and the necessary mechanical equipment required in placing a casket in the crypt, all entombments will be made privately as soon as possible following the committal service.

  • Flower planters are placed throughout the exterior and interior of the Mausoleum. Only fresh flower arrangements are to be placed in the planters for entombments/inurnments.

    • Cones are inserted in the planters and are supplied by the Cemetery. Cones are not to be removed nor replaced by bigger ones. All cones are the same size.

    • The floral arrangement size is: 4 inches wide by 8 inches high from the top of the cone.

    • Please do not add names or labels to the boxes.

    • There are no reserved vases.

    • Only one arrangement per crypt/niche is allowed.

    • Artificial flowers are not permitted in any area of the Mausoleum. All objects that violate these regulations will be removed.

  • The mausoleum will be cleaned every Wednesday of any unsightly flowers.

  • A small flag ay be placed in the planters on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, September 11th and Veterans Day. They may be placed three (3) days prior to the holiday and will be removed on the seventh (7th) day following the holiday.

  • All other decorative and/or devotional objects are not allowed. Personal effects including photographs, balloons, stuffed animals, lights and other memorabilia are not permitted. No items may be attached or affixed to the crypt front or any niche front except those items approved (emblems/pictures) by and obtained through the cemetery management. All objects that violate these regulations will be removed.

  • Ceramic pictures and/or bronze adornments are available for purchase through the Cemetery Office for placement on the crypt cover. The Cemetery Office must approve all pictures. Cemetery personnel will install all items. Only those pictures and emblems purchased through the Cemetery Office will be permitted. All objects that violate these regulations will be removed.

  • Because the Cemetery is open to the public, it is impossible to control the activity of every visitor. The Cemetery Management cannot guarantee decorations from damage or disappearance.

  • These regulations may be added to, rescinded, amended, changed, altered, repealed, and/or modified from time to time by Cemetery Management without notice.

  • In all matters not specifically covered by these regulations, the Cemetery Management reserves the right to take such action, which in its judgement is deemed fair and reasonable in the circumstances, and such determination, shall be binding upon the Recorded Certificate Holder and all parties concerned.

  • Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a regulation may impose unnecessary hardship. The Cemetery Management, therefore, reserves the right to make exceptions, suspensions, and/or modifications of any of these regulations, without notice, when in the judgment of the Cemetery Management, such action appears necessary, such temporary exception, suspension and/or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general applications of such regulations.

  • Revised as of: June 2, 2015.