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Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Cemetery offers a continual place of comfort and peace for those who are a part of our living parish.

The Cemetery was started in 1899 on a tract of land donated by the John Hengstler family and was originally named "Rockland Calvary Cemetery." To perpetuate the memory of the Hengstlers, a burial vault was erected in the center of the cemetery and then a large crucifix, which was recently restored by the cemetery in 2019.

The Cemetery is continually being upgraded and renovated. In 2008 the Cemetery built a Mausoleum and in 2011 an outside Columbarium area. In 2017 the cemetery expanded with a new section featuring a gazebo.

Throughout the Cemetery, new bronze Stations of the Cross have been installed and the surrounding stonework has been restored. The First station is located by the picnic tables on the school side of the cemetery and conclude with the Fourteenth Station by the Mausoleum entrance.

The Cemetery is a very sacred place for our families and is handled and maintained with respect and care.

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